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We understand that fertility issues can be challenging, stressful and upsetting. Our decades of experience have given us the skills, expertise and understanding to help guide you through your fertility journey, however, we see professional, tailored counselling as an essential part of the service provided to all of our patients, at all stages of the treatment process.

While utilising our professional counselling services is not a requirement it is highly recommended. Dealing with infertility and its treatment can be demanding and stressful; emotional responses vary from person to person, ranging from disbelief, blame and guilt, to anger, isolation, and grief. Counselling can support coping processes, reduce levels of stress, and foster coping skills before, during and after treatment, and even after all treatment has ceased.

Counselling can help improve your mental and emotional wellbeing, which will impact on your overall health and wellness.


Jodie Housman

Clinical Psychologist, Housman Psychology
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Tess Law

Registered Psychologist
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"Don uses the very latest methods including Neuro Semantics, NLP and other more traditional therapeutic approaches in assisting clients to resolve issues and reach their outcomes."

Dr. Andrew Davidson